Vindictae "Vin" Vagantem

Badass Monk


HP: 10
Hit Dice: 1d8
AC: 16
Str: 12
Dex: 19
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14


Unarmed Strike 1d4+4
Dart 1d4+4
Quarterstaff 1d4+5

Long Stride
Dash action as a bonus action.
Can shift anytime.
+1 dex when shifted.

Add Wis mod to AC when not wearing armor or using a shield.
When unarmed or using monk weapons, can use dex for attack and damage rolls, unarmed strikes deal more damage (d4), and can make an unarmed attack as a bonus action after normal attack action.

Weapon Proficiencies:
Simple weapons, longsword, shortsword, staffs

Cold. The air around him was getting to him. His breath, visible, taunts him with never ending thoughts of warmth soon to come though daylight was hours away. Vindictae Vagantem, or Vin for short, clutched at the pendant around his neck. The soft glow emitted forth from it, gently warming his hands. Vin pulled it up to eye level, his dark brown eyes shown in the dim light. He examined it closely, the words Lux in Omnibus Nobis, which loosely translated means The Light in Us All. Closing his eyes he bring the pendant to his chest, clutching it tightly. Slowly, his dark brown skin starts to glow with a dim orange light, almost as if his body was warming up to the heat of the sun. Inhaling deeply, Vin slowly releases the breath and to his chagrin, he could no longer see the air in the cold dark night. The pendant, which he had stolen from his church before being exiled, is something the high priests used to convince people to join. While also being a portable light source, the pendant has also been known to cure frostbite and protect you from the cold. Glancing at his hands, Vin couldn’t help but marvel at the power of the pendant, the cold not even affecting him anymore.

Dangling from his neck, the pendant gave Vin enough light to navigate the dark road. His destination is the Moordark Forest, the last know location of Brand Sharpfoot, the Werewolf who took his mother many years ago. That night still plagues him.
Vin and his mother were out in the meadows that day, scavenging for wild mushrooms. It was very hot that day, not a cloud in the sky. Vin was 10 at the time, more distracted by bugs rather than collecting mushrooms.
“Vin, if you don’t help me collect these mushrooms we won’t have enough for supper tonight” his mother had said, noticing him holding a praying mantis. She couldn’t help but smile at him, in the end. Vin looked up at his mother, an innocent expression on his face.
“Okay mother.” he put the praying mantis down, it still in its defensive form. Vin trotted off to find mushrooms, though not entirely trying all that hard if he was being honest. Walking along, he stumbled upon the entrance of the Wolf Forest. The Wolf Forest, so aptly named, carries a legend throughout his village. Once home to the great wolf shifter Coal Broadpower but now the forest is very quiet. Many years ago, the humans of his village and the Shifters had a good relationship until one day humans started to disappear. Mutilated bodies appeared in various places. The village smelled like death. Eventually the village elders confronted Coal Broadpower and the other shifters and a bloody battle stained the lands around. Eventually it was revealed that one lone shifter caused all the chaos. His name was Brand Sharpfoot. Sharpfoot had never liked the humans living outside the forest, showing much disdain when he could. Many innocent humans and shifters died innocently in the endeavor.
Vin glanced through the entrance, the forest oddly dark. The foliage was so thick the sunlight had trouble penetrating through. He slowly moved forward looking left and right. Entering the forest he started to get chills. Glancing around, he noticed eyes high up in the trees. A loud hooting erupted from the eyes as if to notify something the forest that he had arrived. He felt panicked and failed to notice the loud thumping coming towards him. Turning, he saw glowing red eyes speeding towards him. He tried to scream but he couldn’t find his voice. Suddenly, the red eyes jumped, bumping into him. Vin rolled across the ground like a doll, crashing into a tree knocking him out.
Vin woke with a terrible pain on his head. He ran his hand through his hand, feeling an odd sticky spot. Checking his hand he realized the sticky substance was blood. Shocked, he ran from the forest screaming for his mother. Running through the meadow he stopped a few feet from where his mother was last. A large mass of fur was huddled over something. Vins feet starting moving on their own. He couldn’t help it, he didn’t know where his mother was. Slowing his pace he inched closer, not paying attention to where he was stepping. A loud crack erupted from beneath his foot. He glanced down to see a broken stick. Suddenly he was on the ground, a giant black object was ontop of him. Opening his eyes he recognized it. It was the red eyes from earlier, though attached to a giant wolf like body. Blood ran from the sharp teeth in his mouth. The shifter breathed heavily and let out a howl. Vin tried to scream but he found that his voice was gone once again. He wanted his mother, why wasn’t she helping? Before he could react the shifter was thrown from Vin, flying through the air. Footsteps flew past him as he lay there. Vin couldn’t believe it, there we’re two shifters in front of him. How were there some still alive? He was told they we’re wiped out. The other shifter was attacking the other one. Fighting, snarling, biting, ripping. The shifter that had saved Vin was on the ground now bleeding profusely. The black shifter turned to Vin again and charged. He tried to run, an unfeasible task. He tripped over something, he thought it was a puddle of water. He sat up wondering what he tripped over. It was blood, a lot of blood. He followed the trail and found what the black shifter was eating. It was his mother.
He just stared at the mutilated meat that was his mother. An unbearable rage was building in his chest, tears flowed from his eyes. He screamed. The rage was too much. His skin began to tingle. White fur began to jut out from his skin, claws appeared where his fingernails were, razor sharp teeth sprang from his mouth, his brown eyes turned stark white. His scream changed into a loud roar. Vin examined himself. He was a werewolf, a white werewolf. Disbelief filled his face, though he couldnt really make the expression. A roar erupted from the distance, the black shifter charged toward him. Instinct took over, Vin leaped 20 feet in the air at the black shifter. He landed on the shifter, his claws digging into it. The shifter let out a yelp as they rolled along the ground. Vin gave it credit as it was back up on its feet after the attack. The shifter charged him. Vin dodged to the left and as the shifter moved to attack again, Vin was already on him, snapping his jaws at the shifters throat. He tasted air instead of flesh as the shifter dodged to the right. Vin felt a surge of pain in his face as the shifters claws dug across. Roaring in pain, Vin jumped him again, biting the shifters ear. Blood filled his mouth as the shifter tried to tear away from him.
Vin heard yelling in the distance, he turned his head to see what it was. Everyone from the village was running towards them, weapons in hand. The shifter below him swiped at Vin, dislodging himself free. The black mass of fur took off into the forest. Vin ran to where his mother was laying down. He realized his mistake too late. The villagers charged him, thinking he was the one who attacked his mother. Swords, arrows, and anything they could carry was used as a weapon.
“Wait, please. I didn’t do thi-” Vin was cut off, a large rock hit him in the face. He tried to defend himself but there was too many. Sprinting on all fours he ran away from the village, away from the meadow and away from his mother.

Vin awoke in front of the Moordark Forest again. He must of passed out. He ran his fingers across his face, the scars from years ago still apparent on his face. Standing up, he brushed the dirt from his worn out monk robes and clutched at the pendant. He started into the Moordark Forest and entered, vowing to find Brand Sharpfoot, the one who killed his mother…..

Vindictae "Vin" Vagantem

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