C-137 Faerun

Session 2

High Guards

The party arrives and notice the Thornhold bustling with excitement. Additionally, they noticed that the town market is selling unusually high amounts of armor and weapons.

The party then moves onto to the minor guild branch and meet with Sigmund an old guy with a huge ass magic sword; he has a scar over his right eye.

Sigmund gave you 15 gp and a coin for the adventure’s trouble for telling him about what happened to the wagon. The party then slept at the Minor Branch of Valiant Arms. Where upon they are awoken up in the morning when people broke into the building. The party suggested that they follow the tracks that were headed north of Thornhold.

The party followed the tracks up north and found that they led to the army barracks. They asked the two guards whats up. The guards were both high as hell and talked a lot about sweet cakes. Guard A and Guard B said “Darwin and Frank were the two that came back recently for a shift change with one of the guards”.

(incorrect flow.)

Justin’s character investigated the army barracks and noticed the army’s room was full of smoke ( the guards were smoking pot). The guards were playing poker as well.

The party went back to tell Sigmund what happened. The party suspected that one of the guards were the ones that attack the guild building. Sigmund was then informed by another party that they were attacked but able to fend themselves from the attackers.

The party was paid 25 gp for their time and then he suggested that they investigate what happened to the group of people that headed to the south.

Party went to the south and investigated the blood trail that headed to the west and fought crazy people.



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